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英国南安普顿大学教授MARTIN D.B. CHARLTON学术报告

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英国南安普顿大学首席教授MARTIN D.B. CHARLTON来我院做学术报告,欢迎各位感兴趣的同学和老师参加。

报告题目:High efficiency, Quantum dot enhanced Photonic Crystal LEDs for monolithic micro-display applications  高效量子点增强光子晶体LED在单片电路微显示中的应用

 报告学者:英国南安普顿大学教授  MARTIN D.B. CHARLTON


报告地点:久乐棋牌交通大学曲江校区西五楼A420 会议室


This talk will present a groundbreaking work on quantum dot enhanced photonic crystal LEDs and solar cells. By modifying the device configuration of an LED, the energy conversion process has been changed which generates light, and engineer conventional loss mechanisms out of the device.  Colour conversion efficiency has been increased from the benchmark of around 35% provided by a regular LED to an equivalent of 110%. This is achieved not by breaking the rules of physics but by harnessing two additional energy conversion processes (photonic quasi-crystal light extraction, and Resonant Energy transfer) as opposed to just luminescent colour conversion to give phenominal performance improvement. Demonstrator LED devices, and describe work towards creating a super-high efficiency micro-LED display for 3D virtual reality applications and projection systems such as head up displays will be presented in this presentation. Efficiency of Silicon Solar Cells has been boosted by 18% through applying RET technology.

报告人简介Martin D.B. Charlton, is chair Professor of nano-photonics and microfabrication at Southampton University, was awarded the “Rank thesis prize” for his PhD on Photonic Crystals in 1999 and founded Mesophotonics Ltd in 2001 to commercialize photonic crystal technology. Products included Klarite SERS bio-sensing platform, and Photonic Quasi-Crystal enhanced LEDs. The company continues as a sub-division of IQE. Martins research spans plastic optoelectronics, solid state Lasers, Optical Bio-sensors, LEDs, Hybrid optoelectronics. Martin holds 33 granted patents, has over 200 journal and conference publications with around 2500 citations, (including Nature). Martin holds visiting Professor positions at Xian Jiaotong University (China) and JAIST (Japan).

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