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汇报时间:2019年8月8日(星期四) 20:00

汇报地点:曲江校区 西五楼北 A228会议室



会议名称:41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBC’19

会议时间:23-27 July, 2019

会议地点CityCube Berlin, Germany

会议简介:The EMBC is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, covering a broad range of topics from cutting-edge biomedical and healthcare technology research and development to clinical applications, biomedical education and entrepreneurship. The First Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology was held in Denver, Colorado in 1979 and Chaired by Morton Schwartz. EMBC has been ranked 8th in the top 100 conferences in Computer Science by Microsoft Academic.


Title: A Novel Underactuated Robotic Finger with Variable Stiffness Joints

Author: Zhicheng Teng, Guanghua Xu, Renghao Liang, Min Li, Sicong Zhang and Tangfei Tao

Abstract: Existing robotic hands mostly consist of rigid finger mechanism with constant joint stiffness, leading to poor handling performance and even unexpected safety issues. This paper proposed a novel underactuated robotic finger with variable stiffness joints based on human finger anatomy and electrostatic adhesion(ESA) principle. The proposed finger is unique in the 3D printable one-piece body structure consisting of three similar joints, actuated by only one linear actuator to mimic the flexion/extension movement of the human finger. It is characterized by simple actuation, light weight, low cost and compliant grasp. We constructed a portable finger prototype to investigate the variable stiffness performance. It turns out that the joint stiffness shows a growing trend as the applied voltage increases, which verifies the effectiveness of this design. The proposed novel finger indicates potential applications in service robots and prosthetic hands.


Title: Stereoscopic Motion Perception Research Based on Steady-state Visual Motion Evoked Potential

Author: Chengcheng Han, Guanghua Xu, Yimin Jiang, Haochong Wang, Xiaobi Chen, Kai Zhang, Jun Xie, and Fei Liu

Abstract: The combination of BCI technology and stereoscopic three-dimensional (3D) display has gradually become a trend, while stereo-based BCI has been used in rehabilitation training and medical testing. However, present stereo-based BCI research mainly stays in the static stereo environment, and the main method of visual stimulation is flickering, which does not effectively utilize the characteristic of the stereoscopic display technology. Therefore, we proposed a novel stimulation method based on stereoscopic motion. It utilized the stereo reciprocating motion of the plane of intensive line to elicit steady-state visual motion evoked potential (SSMVEP). The results shown that the correlation canonical analysis (CCA) coefficients of the EEG signal of stereoscopic motion (4.3 Hz-6.3 Hz) was significant higher than the non-stereoscopic motion, and more brain areas were activated. This stimulation method can induce significant visual response and has a great potential in the application of virtual reality stereo-based BCI system.



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