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汇报题目:IEEE SENSORS 2019 (The 18th IEEE SENSORS Conference) 参会报告

汇报时间:2019116日(星期三) 18:00



会议名称:The 18th IEEE SENSORS Conference

会议时间:27-31 October 2019



IEEE SENSORS 2019 is intended to provide a forum for research scientists, engineers, and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, and applications in the area of sensors and sensing technology. IEEE SENSORS 2019 will include keynote addresses and invited presentations by eminent scientists and engineers. The conference solicits original state-of-the-art contributions as well as review papers.

Topics for IEEE SENSORS 2019 include

Sensor Phenomenology, Modeling and Evaluation

Sensor Materials, Processing and Fabrication (including Printing)

Chemical, Electrochemical and Gas Sensors

Microfluidics and Biosensors

Optical Sensors

Physical Sensors - Temperature, Mechanical, Magnetic and Others

Acoustic and Ultrasonic Sensors

Sensor Packaging (including on Flexible Materials


TitleAnalysis and Simulation of the Influence of “V” Beam on the Impact Resistance of Micro Quartz Tuning Gyroscopes

AuthorBing Bai, Yulong Zhao*, Cun Li, Chao Han

AbstractFor the effect of the anchor point and the vibration structure connecting beam—"V" beam in the micro quartz tuning fork gyroscope, based on the normalized shock response spectrum in the International Organization for Standardization, the finite element analysis simulation software was used to analyze the stress of different "V" beam thickness parameters when subjected to 1500g and 2 ms half sine impact in six directions. The simulation results show that when the thickness is 80 μm, the max stress is 94.721 MPa, and when the thickness is 75 μm, the max stress is 100.512 MPa. Due to the breaking strength of the quartz material (95 MPa), the minimum thickness of "V" beam is about 80 μm. And the gyroscope with “V” beam thickness of 80 μm is verified by impact test.

TitleMicro Pressure Sensors Based on Ultra-thin Amorphous Carbon Film as both Sensitive and Structural Components

AuthorXiaoshan Tong, Yulong Zhao*, Xin Ma, Peng Guo, Qi Zhang, Mingjie Liu, Dongliang Zhang, Aiying Wang

AbstractAmorphous carbon(a-C) is a promising material for Micro Electro-mechanical System (MEMS) due to its significant piezoresistive effect, in-situ large-area deposition and outstanding mechanical performance. In this work, a micro pressure sensor based on ultra-thin sensitive film layers (a-C/Si3N4/SiO2) is proposed. In order to measure the micro pressure change, an ultra-sensitive rectangular a-C film piezo resistor with thickness of 300 nm, width of 300 μm and length of 900 μm and an ultra-thin rectangular sensitive structure with thickness of 785 nm, width of 400 μm and length of 600 μm are designed and fabricated. The simulation and testing results show that the resistance response of the ultra-thin film, with a linear relation of differential pressure, is highly sensitive. This work shows that a-C is a potential piezoresistive material for micro pressure change detection.

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